The ocean does something to me. I don’t know how else to explain it really, it just has this effect on me. Perhaps its some inner-human thing that I’ve tapped into, or part of my disability, that I focus on things a lot better when my feet are in the waves and the sound of the sea is all around me.

Over this past week my family and I have been on a much needed vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to come, and the first time ever going with our daughter. Same hotel, same beach, same length of boardwalk. But in certain ways, we are different people.

It’s in this same idea that I am about to start living out my own advise to fellow bloggers/podcasters: Don’t Be Afraid of Change in Your Brand. Continue reading “Changes”


Wicked and Hilarious

I work late nights. That’s how it goes lately. I like the work, it’s good and it’s honest. The late nights bring interesting characters into my life pretty often. It was the same way years ago when I worked overnights at the local diner, and I’ve accepted that it’s just part of the night life. Being a night owl means meeting interesting/strange people.

Buts it’s been a while. The past four weeks are the only time I’ve worked till 11pm since 2013, so I’m still getting used to it. Like being in a place you’ve been before, but re-learning the layout.

So it gave me some honest and bellowed laughs when I walk out of Wawa from a much needed piss to find a car pulling up next to mine. The driver, all of almost 300 pounds, had one pale (seemingly blind) eye. Blood formed a few uniform lines from his bald head and forehead to his lips, then to his chin. The closest I can describe his facial structure is to tell you he looks exactly like the main bald guy from Little Britain.

I felt great joy witnessing the same type of person I had come to love and slightly mirror from my late night gigs come into my life again. A “weirdo”.

I opened my car door as I stared straight into his eyes.

“God damn,” he says with a certain hurried-ness in his voice, “when you live 45 minutes from work, you seriously have to piss half way.”

The moment he finished his sentence I let out as deep a laugh as I’ve ever experienced as my gaze followed him as he closed his car door and entered Wawa.

Then I saw it, explaining everything, his sweatshirt. In bold, stylized lettering.

“Pennhurst Asylum”

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes from a building known as Pennhurst. Once a psychiatric facility for the “insane”, and now a “haunted attraction” where you pay a ridiculous amount of money to be scared out of your wits by people in makeup.

It all made sense after that, but the feeling still remains. Here I am, slightly tipsy standing outside a Wawa where I cross paths with a performer from a “haunted” insane asylum.

Fucking wicked and hilarious.

That’s how I’ve always lived as a night owl, and perhaps that’s how I’ll always be as a night owl:

Wicked and hilarious.


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Earth VS Ben: Season Two

Dearest Podcast listeners,

Over the past couple of years my personal podcast, of which I have no co-host and rarely a guest, has gone by many names. However, due to the time I’ve dedicated to other projects over the past two years I only have a handful of episodes.

While I’ve been sick though (friggin Bronchitis) I’ve resolved to dedicate myself further to my own show. For as much as I enjoy blogging, my true strength has always been speaking.

Therefor, all episodes previous to the next will be labeled “Season One”, despite when they were released, and will still be available via iTunes and Spreaker.

Thank you for listening, and I can’t wait to continue!




Keep Moving

It’s the only thing to do at this point, just keep moving forward. We’re going to have a lot of nasty shit to put up with for a long time because of this unholy man elected to the Presidency. “The Beast”. But we’ll stick to our passions and our faith and ride this storm till the end. There’s too much at stake for us to give into the horrible Beast. If you think I’m being over dramatic, then you don’t actually know enough to pass judgment on anyone. I’ve made my peace with the knowledge of what the President is actually able to do, and it’s not much realistically. It’s more than politics. We are subjecting our kids to this nonsense.

Today I’m working from home for a bit. Time to blast some loud and abusive tunes through a very large speaker and focus.